Our Story

Along the beautiful Jerusalem roads past the Castel lies an ancient picturesque village - Ein Karem. In the village center, built in the 90's and designed as an antique castle as to fit to the village's ancient and serene atmosphere, lies Karma restaurant. 


The restaurant opened in the year 2008, it contains 200 seats which spread over 2 floors and a balcony with a view of the high mountains and churches of Ein Karem. The special Tuscany vibe is felt immediately when entering the restaurant. Our rich and versatile menu, designed by Chef Erez Shabo, is based on the Italian cuisine and combined with the Israeli flavors we all know and love. 


In the menu you will find meat dishes and special steaks, various casseroles, fish and seafood, pastas and a range of salads. 

The interior of the restaurant includes a unique taboon, which serves a daily variety of pizzas, fuccacias and unique slow cooked casserole dishes. Along side our food menu we have an alcohol menu which includes boutique wines and refreshing summer cocktails. 

At the end of your meal you can treat yourself with one of our many desserts, such as nutella chocolate & mascarpone pie, apple pie from the taboon, pistachio hills, cheese cake, cream brulee and more. 


Karma restaurant invites you to an exciting culinary experience far away from the city noise.

We are open everyday between 10:00 am to 24:00 pm. 

Looking forward to hosting you, the Shabo family and the Karma team